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Our Foundation was established to increase financial literacy, economic empowerment, and self-sufficiency in people and entities residing in South Fulton County, GA. 


Wealth building and financial literacy are at the core of our work because both are critical to improving financial well-being and economic stability in our community.


We believe that…

  • Everyone can achieve a positive net worth

  • Anyone who desires can become financially literate

  • Pooling our talents and resources in our own community will make us stronger

  • One’s sphere of financial influence can and should grow.



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We take control over our financial lives. We can and do make choices that improve financial outcomes for ourselves, our families, and our community.  We intentionally engage in actions expected to bring us closer to our financial goals.


We aim to strengthen relationships and the sense of solidarity among the people and entities in our community.  We invest in our community through participation in financial education, community service and support of local causes. 



It is our duty to remain financially strong and viable. We must operate responsibly to generate long-term value and stability for the community we serve.